Our story started like many others, back in the good ol’ days…

Our Story

Our country has undergone radical transformation and with it the spirit of travel and the development of new concepts, designs and culinary experiences was ignited. Exploration and research lead us into dimly lit diners and burger joints all over the world, with the objective of finding the best buffalo wings and burgers to bring back home.

Upon a crisp spring day in a park bench, in the boroughs of Brooklyn, one of the brothers in our small family business looked up, inhaled sharply and said, “Boys, we’ve tasted enough to develop our own unique buffalo wings back home.”

And so started the story of Brooklyn Brothers.

What We Stand For

We are a simple brand, with values. We care about quality, affordability and sustainability. We are an urban, trendy brand with attitude. Innovation, attentive service and passionate staff ensures a fresh dining experience that suits the fast-paced modern lifestyle of the ever evolving customer.

What We Offer

Our food has been developed around the urban culture and vibrant city of Brooklyn, which in itself is a trend.


We offer great burgers, inspired from the borough’s street culture, with our famous buffalo wings in a variety of flavours, saucy ribs and sides that are diverse in flavour.


Our shakes…well, besides being decadent, they are cray cray!

Our Brand Personality


have an ego, we are proud of who we are
are big on promise and hot in action
are relevant
care about our product
support great causes
have a great sense of humour
are deliciously wholesome

We Care

Not only do we care about the food we serve, but we are aware of our responsibility to the communities in which we operate. With a responsible business practice our bottom line is not simply about profit, but also about supporting members of society through sustainable, long-term business practices.

We continue with this ethos of support by sourcing products and packaging from local markets and businesses.